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Nutrition for performance and body composition changes distilled down into bite-sized actionable steps.

Flexible Dieting + Metabolic Flexibility = Flex Diet. 

Designed by Dr. Mike, the FlexDiet is everything Dr. Mike has learned about nutrition delivered in a densely packed 8-week online course. How does it work, glad you asked? 

 lf you fill out the form below, you will get the 1st module of this course. And if you'd like to enroll in the rest of the course, this is a bit of what you'll get:

Each week there will be a set of extensive curriculum sent to you, including:

  • An Educational Lecture: teaching you the "Why's" behind the "What's"
  • A Specific Intervention Video: teaching you the application of what you leaned n the Educational leture.
  • Breakdown of the exact client action items for the week's topic
  • There will also be a few very special deep dives with experts in various fields that we'll be discussing throughout the course.



  • What is metabolic flexibility and why is it so crucial?
  • How does getting less sleep for just one night result in a metabolic trainwreck? (Wnd what to do about it)
  • Ketogenic diets. When are they best? And when are they are a horrible results killing option?
  • What is NEAT and why is it more important than exercise for body composition?
  • What does maple syrup, genetic issues and carbs have to do with your recovery capacity?
  • Is "Calories In, Calories Out" a valid theory? Is it the only thing that matters?
  • How do hunger hormones like grelin, insulin, CCK, and others really do?
  • How much protein can you use at one time? (It's not the mythical 30 grams you have told)
  • What can we learn from the largest and most aggressive study on starvation ever done over 50 years ago?
  • Can you get fat from eating too much protein? 
  • Why are carbs not the devil and just need to be arranged in a specific fashion for better results?
  • What other lifestyle factors matter?


The FlexDiet Certification Course contains everything you could want to know about designing a nutrition program from scratch. 



This course is 100% online meaning you can go through it at your own pace. Dr. Mike will host office hours during the course to answer any questions, or expand on any lesson.

mobile devices


All of the curricilum is taught though onine videos that can be easily watched on-the go. That said, there's a lot of info packed into each lecture, so you're going to want to take notes.



Each week will contain two lessons: a 'Theory' and an 'Application' module. Modules are taught in order of improtnce and ease of implementation, giving you the most valuable and actionable info on day one.. 

Pen and paper


It is taught in a way that you will be able to immediately have all of the necessary tools to start working with clients of your own upon completion.

“I was able to get a sneak preview of the material earlier this year when Dr Mike came out to my gym. The information and action steps Dr Mike provided on the Flex Diet has been amazing. I learned so much and I'm excited to start teaching the FlexDiet to all our clients.”

Sean Emery - Old City CrossFit


You don't need a HUGE background in Exercise Science to succeed in this course. That said, having some basic exposure to nutrition and the health and wellness field would be a solid plus. While the instruction certainly isn't PhD Level, if you're brand new to the nutrition world, this course might be a little tough to keep up with.




This Dr. Mike has spent his entire professional career studying Metabolic Flexibility and teaching people how to implement it effectively. With this program you'll be getting 100% of Dr. Mike's understanding of nutrition and 100% of Dr. Mike's best practices when it comes to application. The FlexDiet Certification Course is like having Dr. Mike teach you the most relevent aspects of his exercise science PhD program that you can start putting into practice right away.


  • Why a cyclic ketogenic diet is a HORRIBLE idea and what to do instead (that virtually nobody is doing).
  • Learn why basing your nutrition on physiology only will leave your clients pissed and you very unhappy 
  • Learn how many fats you actually need per day.
  • Learn the 4S method for viewing macros.
  • Understand the 2 keys to using fat as a fuel (and both start with the letter B).
  • Learn the 2 factors to maximize protein use for recovery and body composition.
  • Learn a flexible approach to use with clients for faster (and easier) results
  • Understand the "sleep low, train high" method. This could this be the "secret" to unlocking mad gainZ
  • Learn why sometimes training in a fasted state is amazing and other times a nightmare
  • Understad the A Eustress / Distress model for carbohydrate use
  • Learn what PDH is and why it is the key holder to access this very important macro
  • Learn a fool-proof method of actually getting your clients to make the best nutrition selections
  • Be able to decipher which supplements are useful and what ones are worthless


Q: Mike, how much time I need to invest so I can plan for that? 

A: Each module has 3 videos and there are 8 modules in total plus some expert interviews too. My goal is to prune out material so that it is reasonable and if people want to go deep down the rabbit holes they can listen to the expert interviews. If you block out 1 hour Mon, Wed, Friday each week, you can complete the entire course in 8 weeks. 

Here is the breakdown per module:

I. Big Picture Video: Each module I add more to the 30,000 foot view of how metabolic flexiblity and flexible dieting work so you can understand the theory. Run time: 1 hour

II. Intervention Theory: Each module has an intervention that you as the coach help the client with over the course of 8 interventions (one per module). In this video I break down the exact things that you need to know for the background / theory. Run time: 1 hour

III. 5 Action Steps: This module breaks down the intervention into 5 action steps that you can use with your clients. I walk you through how to decide which action step is best in the process. This takes the theory and makes it immediately actionable. Run time: 20 min

IV: Expert Interviews: I interview the actual experts in the field working with clients directly and in the lab doing the cutting edge research. These includes subject matter experts like Dan Pardi, Dr Stu Phillips, Dr Eric Helms, Dr. Peter Fitschen, Dr Jose Antonio, Jeff Chilton, Dr Kenneth Jay, Hunter Waldman, and more. Each were there is about 1 interview of 1 hour in length. 

Total length of all material including the optional expert interviews clocks in at 30 hours of material.

Q: Is this program limited access or forever?  

A: You will have access to the course for 1 year. You will also get all the future updates as the research changes and I find better way to do things with that 1 year.  

Q: Will there be meetings I need to block off specific times and days?  

A: No meeting right now as it will be all offline. That will allow you to work through the material when it fits their schedule.  

Q: What is the start date?  

A: The moment you sign up! I have everything laid out in a new online learning environment. 

Q: Will the price be different next time you offer it?  

A: Yes, it will be higher for sure. I wanted to make it a complete “no brainer” for you to hop on now.  

Q: Are their quizes to be completed? If so, are they required?

A: To be certified you must take and pass each quiz at the end of each module. Once you pass all 8 modules you are certified. If you want to take the course only for the information and not be certified, you do not need to pass the quizes.  


I’ve known Dr. Mike T Nelson for 10+ years. He was an uber nerd then and still is today. I feel fortunate to call him a friend. We’ve had too many excellent nutrition, supplement and exercise conversations to count - most of which have taken place over mammoth protein meals (and ‘no’ neither of us have suffered any exploding kidneys from insane protein intakes despite the fact this myth still exists!).  

Anyhow, Mike T Nelson is rolling out a metabolic flexibility nutrition course. Like all his work, it’s solid stuff . . . And you’ll learn in this course that when it comes to performance, it’s not about burning fats really well, it’s not about burning carbs really well; RATHER it’s about teaching the body to burn fats AND carbs really well. If you’re not familiar with how to accomplish this, check out this course!  

NOTE - I have no financial incentive in encouraging people to register for this course. Rather, my incentive is to share excellent learning opportunities (such as this) in order to help others improve their health and performance! 

– Sean Casey, RD, CISSN, CSCS and bachelor’s degrees in Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Science Dietetics  

Any nutrition geeks out there want to know how to get the most out of your metabolism? This course is a science-based approach to how our metabolism works and ultimately every 'diet' out there is made obsolete by following what Mike T Nelson has put together. 

Not all or nothing, not low fat high carb or high carb low fat.... just healthy metabolism = healthy. The course was full of great info and clear actions.

 -- Jennifer Metituk  

Dr. Mike T Nelson is THE BEST resource for everything you'd want to know about metabolic flexibility. He just opened registration to become certified in the FletDiet which is open for the next week or so.  

This course is perfect for individuals, influencers, coaches and gym owners who need practical education on nutrition but can't commit to becoming nutritionists. I went through the program just because and recommend it to anyone in the fitness industry who feels the need to improve their knowledge in this area.  

-- Jessica Webster

Very good stuff, I’ll be recommending this in our courses. Clear, concise, practical stuff and not too sciency. I’ve already picked up a lot of good cues I’ll be using with my clients.  

–Luke Leaman, Owner of Muscle Nerds