A Nutrition Certification Course by Dr. Mike T. Nelson

Nutrition for performance and body composition changes distilled down into bite-sized actionable steps: FLEX DIET CERTIFICATION

Courses led by

Dr. Mike T. Nelson

The next one is Sept 17, 2018.

I'm going to teach you...

  • Exactly what Metabolic Flexibility is, and how best apply it towards yourself, your clients, or your gym's nutrition program.
  • An extensive overview of the nutritional science to develop an understanding of the how's and why's of the FlexDiet.
  • How to appropriately (and effectively) modify the FlexDiet approach to work for any starting point or personality type 
  • How to teach the Flex Diet to other people (and make money doing so!)

WARNING: This course is not designed for everyone. I teach real science and effective application of that science. While the fitness enthusiast can certainly take my course, it's designed for trainers and gym owners who are looking for a complete program to implement within their gym. 

Last chance for 2018, so sign up today!

Flexible Dieting + Metabolic Flexibility = Flex Diet